Welcome to the virtual home of BatLab Finland! Our research group operates from the Finnish Museum of Natural History in Helsinki. BatLab Finland is led by Academy Research Fellow and curator Thomas Lilley, who with the assistance of post-docs at the museum, supervises graduate and post-graduate students from the University of Helsinki and University of Turku. As the name implies, we are fascinated by bats, the only flying mammals.

Our research group takes a holistic approach to understanding unresolved questions in bat biology. Our topics range from hibernation ecology of bats in the far North, to understanding how functional traits of bats affect their tolerance to anthropogenic disturbance, to observing how disease has molded the genomes of bats in the past, and what this can tell us about the susceptibility of bats to pathogens.

Please, feel free to acquaint yourself with our past and present research projects through our web pages.